//Memory gathering for your big day

Memory gathering for your big day

Your big day is coming. You’ll soon be Mr & Mrs, everything has been ordered, from the cake to the clothes.But how do you ensure you capture every moment at your wedding?

You’ll have an official photographer (and you have followed our tips on how to brief your wedding photographer haven’t you?) But there will be so much going on, and so many memories for all your guests, it can be hard to ensure you can remember everything. Here are some tips.

Since most mobile-phone cameras take decent quality photographs these days you’ll get much better results than handing out disposable cameras, and it is instant and it’s free, so you can let Instagram and Twitter document your big day. Set up a hashtag such as #joneswedding2018 then encourage your guests to use it – you can even put the hastag on the bottom of invites, and print it onto a sheet of A3 and put it on the wall your venue.

Just do a quick search of the interweb before you use it, to ensure no one else is using the hashtag at the time.

If you can ensure that WiFi is available on-site; when you make a booking at a hotel, often it is free. Or, you can now buy a portable router with lots of data for little money. If you trust your guests you could also view the photos live using a projector. After the big day you can then share all the photos in an online wedding album on to-wed.com, or print them out into a photo book.

If you have a photo-booth as part of your event, and a guest book you can combine the two, and encourage guests to add their photo-booth pictures to your guest book as they leave you a message.

Alternatively, pop a Polaroid camera by your guest book so that people can take a quick photo while they write, and then stick the photo in immediately.

Remember that chasing down photos of your wedding can be time-consuming, so you can consider using a photo-sharing site to create your own private wedding album. Guests upload photographs to your personal account.

For those who prefer to use digital cameras, they can also upload directly to your album via email or the internet, and it’s worth asking your wedding photographer to share their photos to your album as well.

If you use to-wed.com for your wedding website, there is a great feature for guests to upload photos and you can create an instant online gallery.