//Prosecco Vans are the new wedding trend we love

Prosecco Vans are the new wedding trend we love

Have you got your wedding planned out? If so, have you considered the latest UK wedding trend – the Prosecco Van? We’re used to food trucks at weddings – indeed, they are ten a penny at weddings – but doing the rounds of the UK wedding scene this year is a three-wheeled Piaggio Ape van that’s been converted into a sparkling wine wagon.

We love this so much! The brainchild of the UK-based Bubble Bros., the Prosecco Van has been serving guests at weddings and events since 2015.

Sure, many weddings have a late-night burger or ice cream lorry, but wouldn’t it be nice to walk over a perfect lawn at the height of an English summer’s day, and get perfectly chilled bubbly on tap.

And if your venue has space restrictions, you can go with the bike version. Yep, the Bubble Bros. also converted a sidecar, serving up ice cold sparkling wine on tap, straight from the barrel.

If you want to try out this latest trend at your wedding, contact the company at http://bubblebros.co.uk