//The top 7 wedding trends of 2017

The top 7 wedding trends of 2017

It’s mid summer in the UK, and there’s no doubt that wedding season is well and truly here. And there are some distinctly odd and wacky trends this year. We look at the best.

Certainly there is no doubt, couples are now looking to create an experience rather than just an event. Forget silent discos, they are so last year. Instead, get ready for customised photo booths and what area called “immersive performances”. Oh yes.

o get you thinking about your wedding this, or next year, we’ve checked out the latest trends.

1. The boat wedding
Imagine the scene. A perfect UK country house. A wedding. And a couple getting married on a lake, on a boat. We kid you not, it’s now a real thing.

2. Drone wedding photography
It was once very niche, but this year drone cameras are now a must for high-quality wedding films.
Make sure your filmmakers are accredited Drone Pilots with licences issued by the Civil Aviation Authority in the UK, or CASA in Australia.
They do make for some very special films however, remember to ensure it’s not just the only shot you take, and the photographer has time with the bride and groom.

3. Image mapping, not a photo booth
There is a new trend this year for image mapping onto your venue, where one image, often of a couple, is mapped to transform the outside of a building.
It could just be a picture of you, but it can also create a deep sea wonderland or a living floral world all around you.

4. Cactus floral table arrangements for your wedding
There is a huge new trend we’ve only just seen for weddings in 2017. The cactus. They are making an real impression with guests loving the fact that they come in all shapes, colours and sizes, meaning they can work with almost any wedding theme.
Cacti are great for sculptural work, come in huge sizes and can bring a real rock’n’roll vibe to weddings for the edgy couple.

5. The first look video
We’ve all seen the moment – in a video or with our own eyes – when the groom sees his bride for the first time and breaks down in tears.
Well now couples will no longer have their ‘first look’ at the altar, but in a private place where the couple are alone and can really let emotions flow.
To make it extra special, place some video cameras there so you can capture every moment. In private.