//Why Photo Booths are always a wedding hit

Why Photo Booths are always a wedding hit

The trend for souped-up photo booths is has not gone unnoticed by us. It’s great – all your guests can take great photos to remember the day. We offer some tips on how to get the best from it.

The photo booth trend is also becoming more personalised. If you’d rather not rent one, you can now make one.

Create your own backdrop using a piece of patterned fabric, a simple curtain, or even paper streamers. If it’s an outdoor wedding, pin the fabric to an arbour or trellis; otherwise, use a wardrobe frame to secure your fabric.

If you’ve rented more of a traditional wedding space, ask the manager of the site whether they have in-house “pipe and curtains” that you can use (a fancy term for a stand-alone bar with a curtain attached). Don’t forget the funny props, like hats, fake moustaches, and glasses!

You could also make a completely custom photo backdrop out of wood, cover it with wallpaper or paint, and then decorate it with fun frames or anything else you can think of. Cut out circles for your guests’ faces, or encourage everyone to get comfortable together on a great couch placed in front of the backdrop.

You could always make a cardboard speech bubbles for your guests, so long as you provide multi-coloured markers for writing on them. Or just get a chalkboard wall and use it as a backdrop for photographs, again with plenty of coloured chalk sticks!

If your reception is outdoors, maybe try hanging a couple of empty photo frames in a tree nearby, and add balloons or Chinese lanterns between the frames.
One thing you should not do without though, is the professional photographer to record the event. You’ll also have to brief them properly – read our article on how to brief your wedding photographer.